Girls Like Robots is a nice, casual logic puzzle game. It’s very obvious that the game is a mobile port, but it doesn’t actually play that bad on PC, unlike many mobile ports.

The game itself is very funny and completely unrealistic. Girls like robots, girls dislike nerds, nerds like edges, etc. Very simple gameplay, easy to pick up on, especially considering the game holds your hand throughout the first several levels. The art style is very quirky and colorful, along with the smooth animations.

The game does have a slight story to it, in the form of various cutscenes scattered in between levels. It’s a ridiculously simple story, nothing fantastic, but it is rare to see any type of story in a puzzle game like this, so props for that. The story doesn’t really make much sense logically, but neither does the game, so that’s okay! The game’s soundtrack is quite repetitive, however.

The puzzles were (for me) quite easy to follow. It gets progressively more difficult, but not so difficult as to prevent progression on my part. It really depends on how much thought you put into each puzzle before acting, as it is a logic puzzle game. The game has a high replayability if you’re a completionist. Each level can be perfected, if you know what to do, and it would take quite some time to do so, hence the increased replayability.

Overall, Girls Like Robots is a fantastic little game. It’s a pleasure to play, even on PC, although I can only see myself playing this on mobile instead of Steam in the future. The pricetag is set at $7, which may be a bit high for a game of this scale, so try to pick it up during a sale if you’re interested.