Yes, the title is a bit strange and doesn’t really have anything to do with what the game is other than the fact that it includes robots, and not the drunk type.


The game has you flying around various arenas in a jetpack, equipped with a gun that acts more like a pea shooter than a gun. The gun has infinite ammo and doesn’t have any recoil to it, but it can be upgraded with various abilities found throughout the different arenas. It’s really find to slide around and fly between the various platformers, spewing bullets whilst doing so. However, while moving, it often feels like you’re skating on ice, which was actually quite fun.

There are several types of robots and “titans” that can be found throughout the experience. They’re all very easy to defeat, and I had no trouble progressing through the multitude of levels offered by the game. There was even a type of robot that resembled a burger and attacked in swarms. The titans are these massive robots that look very cool, but can deal massive damage if not dealt with quickly. They need to be taken down piece by piece in order to be defeated.


Although the game is fun, the variety of weapons and upgrades available are really limited. If there was a wider weapon variety offered, such as the variety offered in Serious Sam, then the game would be a lot better and not feel like the same, repetitive experience everytime it’s played. The level variety is top-notch. Each level looks and feels different and it’s always a joy to fly around, bounce off jump pads, and such, all while spraying bullets about.

I can’t say the game is worth $15, but it would certainly be worth $5, so try to pick it up during a sale. The amount of content offered is large and replayability is high.

3- Moderately k