One of the weirder games I’ve played as of late. The game doesn’t really have an objective either, aside from a plethora of achievements that can be obtained.

You play as a cube. The gameplay consists of said cube rolling around the world, spreading color all over it. The game is aesthetically pleasing, and even if the gameplay has no real objective, it’s fun nonetheless. Achievements are ridiculously easy to get, although some can be a bit time-consuming. The game does have some small “goals”, with each netting an achievement once completed, but they’re not all that hard to complete.

The game’s aesthetic appeal is its greatest. Both the graphics and sound are fantastic. A sandbox with colors spread about the land and plenty of collectibles to grab. Occasionally, a journal piece can be found, which tells a story with every new piece found, although it’s a minor story at that. There is no saving in the game, none. Don’t expect to come back to the same world everytime the game is opened. There’s really no need to save either, as there is nothing to save.

It may be difficult for a game of this nature to entice new players, but it was a joy to play and I can recommend it purely for its aesthetic appeal. Put simply, the game is just a calming experience, and a good one at that.