Line of Defense Tactics – Tactical Advantage, a game with a ridiculously long title. The game also features an absurd pricetag, at $25. For what the game entails, it should be $1. I’d rather spend $25 on a couple of AAA games.

The game isn’t necessarily a mess, but it is a real bore to play. It’s roughly an eight hour experience, but with such shallow, repetitive gameplay, it’s not even worth it. The game is squad-based, so you’ll be controlling the movements of four separate soldiers. They’re rather simple to control, but I found it difficult to keep them all alive, which was required to complete each mission. The game’s AI is tough, and don’t spawn until you’re well within their spawn area, which I found quite annoying. There are some RPG elements, like leveling and equipment upgrading.

Aside from the utterly boring gameplay, the game’s graphics are decent, for what was a mobile game at least. Nothing to complain about in that department. The controls, however, are not well-suited for PC. The game was better left as a mobile title. The controls need some serious work if I were to get any enjoyment out of the game, they’re simply broken in their current state, well, broken in PC terms. If I were to do the same on a tablet, I bet it’d be far easier. There are a few additions to make it easier to play on PC, like being able to switch between the various soldiers by using the number keys.

There’s absolutely no reason for the game to cost so much, it’s ridiculous. For someone who buys several bundles on a weekly basis, I simply cannot accept the fact that the game is that overpriced. I feel like it would be better suited at $1-3, not $25. The game gives off that “bundle” vibe, the type of game that you know will eventually appear in a bundle, but I don’t think that’ll be the case here, so I’d recommend just staying away from the title.