Card City Nights is a trading card game (gasp!) with a unique style to it and some very interesting gameplay. The game also has a rather cheap pricetag, which feels just right for a game of this scale.

Setting this game apart from the crowd is the game’s style. The graphics are outstanding. Each card has some awesome artwork to go along with it. They’re in a “cartoon-ish” style and I even recognized a cameo to Space Hunk on one of the cards. It’s a fantastic art style, skillfully done and make the game a lot more enjoyable.

Card City Nights plays unlike any other card game I’ve ever had the opportunity to play. It’s a bit difficult to explain, better to show in video than to explain in words, but I can assure you that it’s quite unique. The difficulty progressively rises as you make your way through the game, much steeper than I had thought. I got through the first dozen or so without being beat, then I started losing as I got farther, losing many, many times.

That being said, the game is fun and I can recommend it based purely on its gameplay and graphics. The music is an added bonus, and a soundtrack for the game was just recently released, awesome!