Aww yeah, Blade Symphony! I’ve played this game far too much over the past few weeks, and I’ve gotta share my thoughts.

Blade Symphony is alright on its own. You can jump in and enjoy yourself, dueling against others and all, but the real fun is when you get a couple of friends to play it with you. I happen to have three other friends who also picked up the game, and boy is it fun. The true way to play the game is in a dueling fashion. You go up against another player in a one-on-one duel, which are very fun to do. There are three stances to take: fast, medium, and heavy. The heavier the attack, the more damage. I start off my fights with a heavy attack, quickly switching to fast attacks afterwards, then back to heavy after I’ve backed up a bit.

The sword fighting is excellently crafted, huge props to the work that went into it. We had a lot of fun stabbing each other for a good hour or two. After that, we took the game in a very different direction. The game has two modes: FFA and duel. You already know what duel is, but FFA is a bit different. FFA will take any of the duel maps and make it a large, open-world map for you and some buddies to mess around in. In this mode. you’re able to parkour around the level, wall-running and such.

Due to the various parkour features, we ended up playing hide-and-seek for several hours. It sounds ridiculous, sure, but it was so good. Specifically, there was one map we spent a ton of time on. This map resembled a mall, and it was HUGE, much larger than any of the other maps. The parkour features allowed us to find some pretty interesting spots to camp out at, one of my favorites being the very top of the mall, higher than the top floor. The best spot, discovered by a friend of mine, happened to be above the elevator in this map. It was a small, black room that a few of us hid in whilst playing.

Blade Symphony is a fantastic game. It’s still in development too, so there’s much more to come, even in its already glorious state. I look forward to future additions to the game and highly recommend it.