The LEGO Movie – Videogame (Game Review)

Well, a LEGO videogame based off the the critically acclaimed LEGO Movie? Who would’ve thought?


I loved the LEGO movie, so its only natural that I’d want to play the game based off of it, right? Well, I enjoyed it. Quite a bit, I might add, as did my brother, who played through it with me. It’s become tradition for us to play through the LEGO games, has been since the early days. We even played LEGO Loco back in the day (yes, that exists).

The LEGO Movie Videogame has what’d you expect from a LEGO game in terms of… everything. Gameplay, graphics, etc. The game’s got that classic LEGO feel. The typical LEGO game player will play through the game once in story mode, then again in freeplay, in order to 100% the game (also another tradition of mine, heh). The gameplay is very, very simple, as one would expect from a LEGO game. Even a couple of five year-old kids could figure it out (well, that’s probably in the target age range anyways, right?).


The game is truly for all ages. Very fun, yet simple gameplay and puzzles. Many different collectibles to be found, solid controls. I did play through the game on PC, but without a keyboard and mouse. I highly recommend using a controller for a game like this, especially if you’re going to be playing with someone else. The entire game’s plot is based off the movie (duh), so don’t expect any new content in terms of plot (but do expect more gameplay-wise!). I also noticed that the game’s cutscenes are straight outta the movie, which I should have expected.

And again, the PC version is extremely well-optimized. Props for that, coming from a multi-platform game. The game looks fantastic, very colorful. It’s got all the good graphics settings as well, as should be expected from a modern-day PC game, but is usually a lost cause with multi-platform AAA games. The game uses the same voices as the movie as well. Pretty awesome stuff. The game’s music will forever be engraved into your brain. “Everything is awesome!”


Anybody planning on picking up the game should really go see the movie first (which was fantastic, by the way). Many of the jokes and such would be ruined during the movie-watching experience had the game been played before-hand.

The LEGO Movie Videogame is fantastic, overall. I can highly recommend the game and its corresponding movie, which you’ve seen by now, right? It maintains the classic LEGO game experience and is a great game for local co-op. It lacks online multiplayer, however, which wasn’t much of a problem to me, as I’ve always played the games locally. And remember, everything is awesome!

4- Pretty k


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