Well, it serves more as an arcade racer than a simulator, contrary to my original belief. Victory: The Age of Racing is a straight-up racing game, no gimmicks involved, aside from an upgrade system.

I did notice that the graphics were a bit sub-par, which was a bit of a disappointment as I’ve come to expect fantastic graphics from most racing games. I could manage 30fps when the game was placed on its highest settings. Other than the graphics, I didn’t find much in terms of what made the game different from the rest of the crowd.

It’s a racing game with a heavy focus on multiplayer (which seems to make use of dedicated servers, cool!) and a small-ish upgrade system for the various vehicles. There are several vehicles, of which I mostly enjoyed. I spent a great deal of my time in the formula tier, such speed.

There are better racing games out there, but this certainly isn’t that bad, it’s just a little too… plain? If you’re looking for a racing game with no gimmicks, no tricks, and a serious gameplay gameplay, then Victory may be for you. And yes, you’re not able to crash into others. Instead, your vehicle passes right through them as if they were ghosts, much to my disappointment (crashes are essential!). There are actually three different collision modes: always on, always off, and delayed (which activates only after the first intermediate).

The game is still in early access, and the development roadmap is full of things to look forward to (like an updated graphics engine!). ¬†Procedural racetracks, Steam workshop integration, and single player capabilities are planned. I’ll be looking forward to the Steam workshop integration in particular, that’d be very cool. The updated graphics are also welcome, along with the recent change to the “pay to win” model of the game. This change in the game’s path makes it a whole lot better overall and I look forward to playing it once all of these features have been implemented.