Saturday Morning RPG is an episodic turn-based RPG (self-classified as a JRPG) heavily influence by the 1980s, with a great soundtrack to match.


The game heavily emphasizes the combat aspect of the gameplay, with new fights just around the corner (literally). I was drawn into a fight very frequently and could barely navigate my way around with so many enemies. It is a great way to grind for XP, if you’re wanting that kind of action. Although I didn’t happen to be in existence during the 80’s, I did understand most of the references made throughout my experience in Saturday Morning RPG. If you frequent the Internet and know just a little bit about pop culture, you should be fine.

The references, packaged with the game’s humor and absurd writing, is where Saturday Morning RPG really shines. I thoroughly enjoyed that aspect the game and that alone could serve as the basis for my recommendation of the game. The game’s combat does get repetitive, very quickly in my case, but I still managed to enjoy myself despite this. There are plenty of side quests available, adding a great deal of content to the game. The game wouldn’t take that long to beat by itself, so the side quests really add value to the game as a whole.


The game’s graphics were nothing too fantastic. In fact, it looks like the graphics originated from a mobile game. Most of the graphics are sprite-based, so can’t really complain there. The graphics blended both 2D and 3D objects into one, large 3D environment. It took a little getting used to, haven’t played a game with this style in a while, but it wasn’t anything to complain about.

Saturday Morning RPG is a great effort, I really enjoyed my time with it and look forward to completing it in the near future. And for $7 too!