I feel like Next Car Game is more of a tech demo than a game, in its current state. The game loves to show off its astonishing attention to detail. When playing derby, cars could go so far as to be squished up entirely into a small box, but still remaining functional. It was awesome.

There are very few gameplay options currently (the game is still in early access, after all), including: derby, race, and tech demo (which is only available for those who purchase the game early). I had a lot of fun with the tech demo mode, which is packaged as a completely separate game. In the tech demo, you’re able to just drive around and test the game’s engine by running into various objects or placing your car into a cannon. There’s even a giant spider with rapidly moving legs, allowing your car to get wrecked simply by being stepped on.

The derby was also quite fun. It pitted a ton of cars against each other in an arena-like environment, with the sole goal of being the last one standing. I somehow won my very first derby (all skill, no luck …maybe). The derbies are very hectic and I spent most of my time waiting for other cars to get somewhat wrecked before I made a move on them, which turned out to be quite a good tactic.

The racing mode was not as fun, probably due to the fps issues I kept running into (frame drops down to 5fps?!). That was probably due to the massive amount of debris everywhere. I would think that the derby would have caused more lag in this regard, but it did not. I failed to get anywhere near 1st place during any of the races I tried.

Next Car Game is fun, but severely lacks in features. I recommend the game, but I’d advise you wait for some more updates or for the full release before purchasing.