NaissanceE, a game where I had no idea what I was doing the entire time. It’s more a work of art than a game, a popular concept these days.

The game has you exploring a black and white world, with very little light (for the most part). I found it very difficult to make any progress in the game, as there was no clear indication as to where you should be going or what you should be doing. In terms of being nonlinear, NaissanceE nails it. That being said, I would have liked some sort of indication as to where I should be going at any given time. During one segment of the game, I found myself jumping down a shaft in a way that probably was not supposed to be possible.

Checkpoints in the game are not saved often. I wish quick saves were implemented. That’d make the experience much more enjoyable and a lot less frustrating. I often found myself finishing an area, only to die and have to redo that area. It was quite annoying, as you can probably tell.

They are asking $20 for the game, but I don’t know if that price can be justified. The game is beautiful, but I still have no idea what I’m supposed to learn from the experience, much less where it will lead me.