Love is a minimalistic, retro platformer. It features fast-paced gameplay (well, if you choose to make it so) and an assortment of stages.


Love, being minimalistic, has some very, very low-res graphics, but in a good way. It fits the game well, and doesn’t deserve any complaints on my part. Your goal in Love is to reach the end of the game. That is all. The secondary goal is to do this as quickly as possible, with maybe the third goal being to do this without dying (which I found to be just about impossible).

The game is a straight-up platformer. No gimmicks to it, just platforming in a retro landscape. You’re given these “spawn points”, which you’re able to place on any surface (be that safe or not). Upon dying, you’ll respawn at your last placed spawn point. This is a very helpful feature, especially once you get into the later levels, where death is imminent.


There are four modes to choose from when starting: Easy mode, normal mode, YOLO mode, and speedrun mode. I originally only used YOLO mode, but couldn’t pass the first level. In YOLO mode, you’re only given one life, so once you die, you’re out of the game. YOLO mode is incredibly difficult to complete, especially during the later levels, where there’s a slight increase in the amount of death (okay, maybe not so slight).

The game’s easy mode gives you infinite lives, the game’s normal mode gives you a set amount of lives (still manageable), and speedrun mode gives you infinite lives and a timer, encouraging you to beat the game as quickly as possible. I managed to beat the game in just over 14 minutes, which was a lot better than the three friends I had playing with me. I’d say my favorite mode is the speedrun mode. It allows for a level of competitiveness not present in the other modes. Well, unless if you’re going for bragging rights after having completed YOLO mode.


The game’s major fault is its lack of content. Sure, it may have high replayability, and it may come with a level editor, but that doesn’t satisfy my desire for more levels. Maybe if there was Steam Workshop support, considering that there is a level editor, then I’d be happy, but as it stands, there’s simply not enough content. The game is only $3 ($2 currently), so that could be justified, but I’d want more than an hour of gameplay.

Love is a great game, especially when played competitively, which is where I had the most fun. It may have a lack of content, but it is fun regardless.

4- Pretty k