Jets’n’Guns Gold is a ‘remake’ of the original “Jets’n’Guns” game, released back in 2004. It is a shoot ‘em up game and was quite frustrating to play. The game is HARD. Really, really hard.


Jets’n’Guns Gold, being a shoot ‘em up (or shmup) game, you’ll have to weave your way in and out of incoming waves of bullets, while unleashing your own storm of bullets onto said attackers. It is very satisfying to play such a game, watching thousands of bullets fly on-screen, emerging from them victorious. However, that was not the case for me. I found the game extremely difficult to play. Maybe I just need more practice. I felt like I was a bullet magnet.

The other half of the game is its upgrade/customization system. In-between levels, you have the opportunity to upgrade your existing gear, or purchase entirely new gear. I made the mistake of purchasing an entry-level plasma gun, which was terrible once I tried it out.


I ended up replacing it for a machine gun, similar to the starting one, but it had the extra ability in that it was self-controlled and fired upon nearby enemies automatically. That was such a cool weapon. Even so, it didn’t aid much in the completion of certain levels!

Other than the upgrade system, its just your generic shmup. Yes, it’s fun, if you’re up to the challenge. Recommended!

3- Moderately k