Fading Hearts is a VN, but it’s also a dating simulator, which is quite a rare site on Steam.

Your choices in the game can essentially change the entire genre of the game. You’ll have the choice of leading a life of adventure, or just a normal, laid-back life. During my play session, I chose the laid-back life (I am a fan of VNs like Clannad, Kanon, etc.) and generally had a good time.

That being said, this game is not for everyone. If you go into a game like this expecting much in terms of gameplay, you might want to look elsewhere. Most of the “gameplay” here is just reading. It is a VN after all, that should be expected. Personally, I enjoyed the story. Its only fault might have been the beginning, which was rather confusing, but it picked up rather quickly after that.

I can recommend the game for its story. It may be short, but it was well worth the play read!