Aces Wild is a straight-up “beat up everything in your path” game, with some completely ridiculous fighting mechanics.

When I say ridiculous, I mean it. You’re able to continually punch and kick while remaining motionless in air, and you can even fly if you tried. Most enemies are easy to beat, but some, including what I thought to be a doge-like dog, are really difficult to defeat if there’s no combo going. The more rapidly you attack, the higher your combo, allowing more damage to be dealt.

Aces Wild makes use of arcade-style graphics, but with a simplistic style to them. Almost like a cartoon, actually. The game is a side-scroller, so once you find yourself in a battle, all enemies must be defeated before moving on.

Overall, the game feels really good to play. The satisfaction of wiping out dozens of on-screen enemies at once is awesome. The game may be difficult at parts, but it definitely deserves my recommendation.