The Castle Doctrine is a game about burglary and home defense. It’s technically an MMO, although don’t expect to see another player whilst playing.

You’re tasked with robbing other players homes while setting up defenses at your own home to prevent these other players from stealing. The concept sounds nice, but it simply doesn’t work. You’re given a very small amount of cash to start off with, certainly not enough to purchase tools to rob others and protect your own property. Instead, beginners are forced to steal from other beginners in the same situation, with little to no defenses in place at their own homes.

In order to steal from other homes, you’ll need some tools to get through the various defenses they have in place. You have little money as a beginner, so don’t expect to be robbing the worthwhile homes. Now, maybe if there was more cash available, you’d actually be able to stand a chance against other players and actually be able to progress in the game. The game is fun, yes, but it’s simply too unfair for me to continue playing it.

It’s very difficult to get into the game, but if you’re lucky, you might actually be able to score some money off of other new players and be able to set up some reasonable defenses.