Signs of Life is a survival sandbox, much like Terraria or Starbound. The game is more akin to Starbound, as it also has a sci-fi theme to it. The game is supposedly procedurally generated, but I found that if you go far enough to one side of the map, it loops back to the other, much like the spherical shape of a planet.

The game makes use of a high-tech super watch that can serve many different purposes. It can serve as a flashlight, a map, a laser (which can destroy blocks), item grabber, and also holds your AI, who has some rather amusing dialogue. Your goal is to survive, which is rather difficult in the beginning. I died quite a few times to the various animals scattered across the landscape, although it may have been my fault for assaulting them in the first place.

Upon exploring the world, I also came across several high-tech buildings, many of which I wasn’t able to get into. I found one that I was able to get into, due to a broken window. I found a ton of items to start me off, including some mining gear and some clothes.

I spent most of my time exploring the world and killing just about anything that moved, aside from these blue, flying alien-looking things, who continued to maul me everytime I touched any of them. I did manage to figure out how to eat, mine, and overall, survive in as little as 30 minutes, but the game goes so much more in-depth than just those core mechanics. There’s still several things I don’t know about Signs of Life, but I can recommend it, even in its early access state.