Reus is a god game. You’re given a planet with four giants to help construct said planet and bring life to it. You hold ultimate control over the fate of this barren landscape.

Sure, the game may not look like much out of the box, but its rather complex and has quite the learning curve to it. The game’s tutorial, although long, should suffice, as it did for me. A session in Reus starts you off with four giants and an empty planet. These giants each have their own unique traits and can each create a biome of some sort. There’s an ocean giant, a rock giant, a forest giant, and a swamp giant. Each creates its own specific biome, as you should be able to tell from their name, the rock giant, however, creates deserts and hills.

Life will eventually bloom on the planet in the form of humans. They’ll settle villages, which, being the god of this world, you’re tasked with tending to. You can even destroy these settlements if you wish, which may have to be done if said village poses a problem to all other villages.

The gameplay in Reus gets more complex as you get further into the game and you’re slowly allowed more playtime based on achievements. Once certain achievements are unlocked, you’ll be able to spend more time in a single world than before.

Reus is a a lot of fun, if you can last through the learning curve. The graphics are very simplistic, yet they fit the game well. The gameplay appears simple and fun, but is actually quite complex. Recommended!