Our Darker Purpose is essentially the Binding of Isaac, but with a darker theme and less poop, as you’d probably be able to tell from the title. Fans of the Binding of Isaac would certainly enjoy the game, or rather, fans of twin-stick shooters in general.

It’s a twin-stick shooter set in a haunted tower (or a really tall house?). The ultimate goal is to reach the top of this tower, with each floor being a separate level. The game makes use of a branching level tree. After completing the first level, you’re given the choice of which area to explore on the next floor. The game’s enemies are your generic, slimy monsters that use a variety of attacks, depending on the type of enemy. Some of these attacks are very difficult to avoid, a reason why I find this game harder to play than the Binding of Isaac.

A few boss battles are too be had along the way as well. I didn’t have that much trouble defeating most of these bosses, but a few were rather difficult, one of which I wasn’t even able to hit before being defeated. I’m interested to see if there’s a final boss of some sort, I wasn’t able to get anywhere close to the top.

Our Darker Purpose sets itself apart from the crowd using its RPG-esque elements. It’s a bit strange at first, combining an RPG with a game like this, but it was a nice addition, setting it apart from others in the genre. In fact, I’d probably play this over others in the genre just because of this feature. Every time Cordy levels up, two new abilities can be acquired. Oh, and there’s multiple endings. Just another nice addition to an already great game.

Recommended for any fans of the Binding of Isaac, or fans of dual stick shooters in general.