Well, I can’t say I didn’t expect this. It is a Tale of Tales game after all, why would I expect less?

Luxuria Superbia is an… interesting game. It’s a game of touch, pleasure, and joy. You’re tasked with pleasuring a flower, but not too much. No no, if you do that, the level ends with the flower’s climax, resulting in a low score. The longer you’re able to pleasure the flower, the higher the score will go. While you go about touching the flower’s various petals, it will entice you with sayings such as “touch me”, “kiss me”, “make me dizzy!”, “breathe my air”, etc.

Touching the petals on the edges of the flower make the flower feel good, but if all you touch too many on all sides, the flower’s color will completely change and the run will be over. The game’s visuals are fantastic, as is the music. Very vibrant and sometimes dizzying colors can be found within each of the various levels. There aren’t that many levels, but the game has quite a bit of replayability.

I can recommend Luxuria Superbia as a work of art. It’s more of an experience than a game, and a good one at that.