Little Racers STREET is a top-down racing game, originally released on Xbox under the name “Little Racers”. The game doesn’t seem to have anything going for it, other than the fact that its the first game like this that I’ve seen on Steam. Other than that, it’s a rather generic game.

The controls are responsive when using a controller. These types of games go best when used with one, don’t even bother using keyboard controls. I probably wouldn’t recommend the game if it only supported use of mouse and keyboard. The game is top-down, so expect some getting used to in terms of turning in the game. I got the hang of it almost instantly, due to my prior experience in games like this, mainly back when I played a ton of games on my old iPad (I remember a game called “Death Rally” that was similar to this, minus the guns).

The game fails to set itself apart from all other similar titles, however. It just felt like your generic top-down racing game. Nothing too special, although this is the first game like this I’ve played in years. If you’re looking for straight-up racing, no gimmicks, then Little Racers STREET is for you. If you’re looking for a unique experience, you may want to turn elsewhere.