Rekoil is a multiplayer first-person shooter that’s just about as generic as they come. The game lacks anything to set it apart from competition. Sure, it can be fun to play, but the game’s flaws completely drown itself under its competition.


Rekoil plays like Counter-Strike. It has many similar gamemodes and such, but I felt like Rekoil did a better job in terms of keeping the player moving and shooting, especially once the server fills up. That brings me to one of the game’s major issues: the lack of players. This is a difficult one for developers to “fix”, as it’s not really fixable without a community behind the game.

I’ve logged into Rekoil several times over the past couple of weeks to find absolutely no players online, and this is in the afternoon, which I’d think would be a popular hour. Yes, that means no players across the 30 or so servers offered. In fact, the only time I was able to actually play with others was during the game’s launch. A friend and I joined a server during that time, when no one else was online. Over time however, the server filled in about 30 minutes, probably because it was the only server with players on it to begin with.


When you’re actually able to play with other plays, it’s actually quite fun. I use a sniper while playing, and it’s usually a one-shot deal, which is great, for me at least, not so much for the receiving party. My major complaint with Rekoil is what happens after you die. You end up dying five or so more times before being able to spawn. Yes, the spawns in the game are that bad. It takes several deaths to get even a decent spawn. Most of the time, you’ll spawn right in front of someone, who may or may not be already shooting in that direction.

I could actually take advantage of the spawns. Due to the very few spawn points present, all you’d need to do is to memorize where they are and just sit there, camping. It’s quite annoying, as it has happened to me on a few occasions. Although, I will admit that I did take advantage of it as well, earning myself nine or so kills before moving on. Maybe if the game had more… dynamic spawns? The “set” spawn points simply do not work and they are the reason why I won’t be coming back to Rekoil.

You’d be crazy to purchase Rekoil expecting a serious experience. The game is best played if you’re looking to kill some time. Although, this can only be accomplished if at least one other player had the same idea at the time, which is not the case here.

1- Not Really k