Hero Siege, an Android and iOS game, just now finding its way to Steam. The game is fantastic, in many ways. It’s very fun and has high replayability. There’s even a co-op mode, which is said to be experimental, but from my tests, it seemed to work just fine.


After choosing a character, the game plops you down into randomly generated levels, with randomly generated items, dungeons, bosses, secrets, and events to be found. You’re tasked with surviving the constant onslaught of enemies every wave, with a short break in-between waves, so you can purchase potions or buffs. You’re also leveling up whilst fighting off these enemies. Every time your character levels, you’ll have the opportunity to pour two different types of skill points into a variety of upgrades and abilities.

The game supposedly has many “rogue-like” elements to it, which can easily be seen once you’re placed into the first level. I often found myself exploiting the various traps scattered around the level to kill enemies for me, rather than directly killing them. This worked especially well on the bosses, who would take massive damage when walking into a trap.


There are several levels to unlock, as well as three different difficulty levels, which also need to be unlocked. Oh, and there are these random perks that you can get a hold of that completely buff your character. I found a magical cactus that spawned on any enemy near me, dealing great damage.

Going into the game, there appeared to be a micro-transaction system of some sort. However, this is not the case, and these “crystals” are actually earned through gameplay, unlike the game’s mobile counterparts. These crystals can be used to purchase in-game items and accessories for your character, like hats, for example.

Hero Siege, overall, is an excellent game. Great time-killer and very addictive. $10 is well worth it.

5- Highly k