Echo Prime, originally a mobile game, now ported to PC and available on Steam. Surprisingly, the game does quite well on PC, although it could be just a bit better.

For a mobile port, Echo Prime does a certainly good job. The only issue I have with this port is that the game still plays like a mobile game, you touch, or in this case, click, to fire your weapon or move. The game would have been immensely better had WASD movement been implemented, while still maintaining the click-to-shoot mechanic. As it stands, you’re unable to fire when walking/running, which is fairly annoying considering WASD movement could have been implemented without any impact towards balance.

The game is split into multitudes of “worlds” and levels. Each level does not take long to complete, but there’s quite a bit of them. I’d estimate maybe four hours to beat the game? That’s plenty of content for a game like this.

Oh, and there’s an arena mode, which I spent a lot of my time in. The arena is my favorite place to be while playing Echo Prime. Infinite enemies coming at you in waves, all in good fun. That, combined with the game’s customization options, really make the game shine. There’s plenty of upgrades and weapons available for unlock and purchase as you go through the game, leveling up.

I can’t say I recommend the game at its full price of $10, but if you’re able to pick it up during a sale, then go for it.