A-Men is a “classic” puzzle-platformer with a militaristic theme to it. It’s kind of like Lemmings, in a way. Oh, and the game is hard. Really, really hard.

The game opens with a rather generic intro, nothing too exciting. You’re then promptly dropped into a series of vividly colored levels. The graphics are truly awesome, nothing to complain about. Basically, each level consists of you solving simple puzzles to eliminate enemy “toy” soldiers (they’re actually robots, produced by a factory that the main characters had blown up). Upon removing enough enemy soldiers from the level, a helicopter will come down to extract you from the level.

The gameplay is fairly simple, but can get a bit difficult at parts. The difficulty curve is nothing to be worried about, it’s near-perfect. No complaints there. The story in the game is told by way of cutscenes in-between the various levels (there are multiple worlds too, think Super Mario). These cutscenes are rather cheesy, but amusing nonetheless. I can’t really recommend the game though. It’s just a tad boring. There’s certainly an audience for it, but definitely not me.