Gridiron Solitaire. How do I even begin to describe such a game? It took me quite some time to grasp just the bare basics of the game. The game is a bit difficult to explain, so please bear with me.


The game essentially combines solitaire and football. Yes, that sounds a bit strange, but it surprisingly works, no idea how the devs managed to pull that off, but props to them for doing so. Basically, you have to match cards (against the opposing team) in order to get the offense/defense to do their thing.

There’s also a “Big Play” mechanic, in which you’re able to draw a card during your turn, placing another card onto the field. This mechanic can tremendously change the outcome of  a play, in either your own favor, or the opposing side’s favor. When playing offense, you can use as many Big Plays as you wish, but you only have a limited number when using them as the defense.


The game has three difficulties to choose from. I went with the normal difficulty, which may have been a bad idea for a complete noob to the game. The game also goes deep into team customization and rankings. The teams are tracked per season and compared against each other for that specific season.

For someone who does not care for football, I thought I had figured out the game just fine during my play session. I’d recommend it only to those willing to learn how to play it, as it’s quite difficult to understand going into it.