Hyper Fighters, originally developed for the Wii back in 2011, has now been released on Steam. There seems to be very little difference, if any, between the PC port of this game and its Wii predecessor.

It’s a rail shooter, where you play as one of three jets, working to kill anything that happens to get in your way. Relatively simple to control, just point wherever you wish to shoot and hold left-click. Although your gun can become overheated if you do this for an extended period of time. There’s also various bosses scattered throughout the game, which are actually quite difficult to beat. The game plays like any other rail shooter, but Hyper Fighters has a few technical issues that I wish had been addressed, considering this was a port to the PC.

First, the resolution. It’s locked at an unreasonable resolution, way too low for today’s standards. There are no controls or video settings, very disappointing. For a game releasing on Steam in 2014, we should expect at least 1080p, preferably more.

I can’t say I recommend the game, it’s technical flaws are a bit overwhelming, and the gameplay is not terribly enjoyable, but if you want to kill some time, pick it up during a sale.