Glacier 3: The Meltdown is your typical “destructive” racing game. It’s nothing too special, but it did a fantastic job keeping me entertained during my first play session.

Nothing much can be said about what makes Glacier 3 special from other, similar games. Like I said, it is pretty typical. The game features eight vehicles to choose from and a variety of tracks that can be driven on. There are several power-ups spread throughout each of the tracks, each granting you some kind of advantage. I stuck with missiles the entire time. They act like the red shells in Mario Kart, homing in on enemies (most of the time).

The game’s physics, however, were very amusing. The vehicles each made very sharp turns, very easily, at high speeds. I also bounced off a rock at one point, like a basketball, landing back on the track. That was quite fun. The AI beat me everytime, aside from one track, where I went all-out with missiles, so the game can be a bit challenging at times, but nothing that a good missile or two can’t solve.

There’s not much else to say about Glacier 3. If I were to attempt to justify its price, I would pin that on how ridiculous the racing is (physics, weapons, etc.). It is fun, but has some technical issues that I wish had been addressed, such as the resolution, which is locked at some low resolution.