Gunman Clive, what an excellent game. The game follows Clive and his journey to rescue Mayor Johnson’s daughter, who was kidnapped by a group of bandits. Although that may be extremely generic, this game was built for its gameplay, not its story.


The game packs sixteen levels and a few boss fights as well. Each level takes about one minute of your time, although this is not including the various times that Clive dies, of which, there will be several occasions. A few of the levels took me a very long time to complete, mostly due to a few challenging mechanics that were only present in said levels (rolling rocks and mushroom jump-pads). There was a level that featured mushrooms as “jump-pads” which I had a difficult time with, as in, it took me quite some time to master how to actually use the mushrooms to boost myself up to where I needed to be.


The graphics are definitely one of the game’s strong points. The game features a unique, minimal artstyle. It looked like everything was done with crayons or colored pencils of mostly yellow/brown shades. It fit the game well, surprisingly, and I really enjoyed this style. The music was not too spectacular, but wasn’t that bad.

Gunman Clive is an excellent platformer-shooter overall. Like I said, it’s essentially MegaMan, but western, which is an excellent combo. And with a $2 price tag (on Steam), it’s a steal.

4- Pretty k