Jobs is a biography. Steve Job’s biography. The movie does a great job of making Steve look like a completely cruel person. Although I didn’t really appreciate that, the rise of Jobs and Apple to its current glory was well done. They did a great job of showing many of the early aspects of Apple, starting from Steve’s employment at Atari. However, many of Apple’s major creations were not even mentioned in the movie. The iPod, iPhone, and iPad were not even mentioned, and I believe they played a large part in how Apple is today.

The pace of the movie was incredibly slow, really, really slow. This may have been why many aspects of Job’s life after re-joining Apple were left out, entirely due to constraints in movie length. Many of the movie’s scenes would start up and finish abruptly, all stringing together into this one large mess of of a movie. The movie made few attempts at emotional appeal, and when executed, they were done so in a poor fashion.

Jobs is not a really well-executed film. It has its moments, but overall, its just a compilation of random scenes from throughout Job’s early career. I wouldn’t recommend this unless you’re really interested in the history of Apple, or personal computers.

3- Moderately k